Mint: An Exceptional Use of Twitter



Mint is a free personal finance software/app that allows users to set budgets and savings goals, as well as find out how their spending has been allocated over time. It is available on desktops, smartphones and tablets like Amazon’s Kindle Fire.

Since it was launched in 2007, Mint has managed to grow it’s social media following into the hundreds of thousands and it’s user base to over 1.5 million in 2 years through engaging and value driven content, plus an amazing product. Which makes it’s acquisition by Intuit in 2009 for $170 million not all that shocking.




When you look at Mint’s Twitter page, you will find a mix of polls, challenges, success stories, informative graphics and questions directed at their fan base. Unlike many brands that push sales more than anything on social media, Mint seems to truly care about it’s users financial well-being. You can see this in how the company offers “budget hacks,” and tips on saving money. They also keep things fun and upbeat with the occasional humorous tweet that piggybacks off of fun days like National Cat Day and Halloween.

Aside from offering a lot of value, Mint also makes it a priority to interact with it’s followers in it’s own fun and upbeat way, without coming off as spammy or only concerned with making a sale. If anything, Mint has crafted it’s brand persona as a knowledgeable and funny friend that knows how to have a good time, as well be financially responsible.



Mint also offers social proof on it’s Twitter page through the use of success stories. The stories show how app users were able to get out of debt and follow a budget that allowed them more financial freedom. By posting these stories and engaging fans, Mint shows that yes, people are using the product and more importantly, that it works!






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