Great Deals Found on GroupOn


Groupon is a deal of the day website that offers time-sensitive group discounts to members on products and services. A lot of times members can save anywhere from 40-60% off of regular retail price on items and services such as supplements, haircuts, massages and even Thanksgiving dinners.

For this post, I’ll show what kind of deals a user can get on GroupOn. More specifically, somebody interested in becoming a photographer or videographer.

Some of the things need to become a successful photographer or videographer include the obvious, like a DSLR or mirrorless camera, microphone and memory cards. As well as the not so obvious, such as training materials, lens filters, a tripod/monopod and photo editing software.

When I searched for these items, I found the following deals offered by businesses in the greater Los Angeles area:

















As you can see, there are a lot of deals to be found on GroupOn if you’re an aspiring photographer or videographer. You can buy your camera, tripod, memory card and lens filter separately or piece by piece, if you’re on a budget. Or buy the complete starter bundle  at $799, for a 20% discount. You can also get great deals on photography and video editing training at a discount of 50% or better.

Although some of the items needed to be a successful photographer or videographer weren’t found on GroupOn like photo editing software or brand specific lenses, users can still find good deals, if they look hard enough and frequently.

Some of the deals are not as good as the one’s to be found on, especially for electronics. So, I would have to say Groupon is best for service items, such as training courses and personal services. You can find great deals on learning lessons, like real estate license training, social media marketing course and of course, photography lessons.



Instagram Adds Exciting New Features



In Facebook’s quest for social media domination, it rolled out features to Instagram today that compete with the popular app, Snapchat. Some of the new features include, the ability to add links and mention other users in Instagram Stories and integration with Boomerang.

Since Instagram rolled out it’s Stories feature, it has acquired almost 100 million daily user for the feature. The changes will most like result in an even higher number of daily users, as businesses and influencers find the value in the ability to add clickable links to stories. Many user have complained about the lack of being able to add links to regular picture and video posts that would allow viewers to visit their sites directly from the app. So, this is great news for users and businesses alike.

There is no word on if Snapchat will add any new features in the future to keep up with Instagram’s forward thinking. But, there are talks that the company plans to go public some time next year as Snap Inc.

It is important that Snapchat remains competitive by adding new features to keep users coming back though, unless it plans on sharing the same fate as the recently dismantled Vine. Ever since Instagram added video feature, many users and influencers inevitably abandoned Vine in favor of Instagram. Unlike Vine’s 6 second videos, Instagram videos can now last for up to 1 minute in length and also have the ability to be enhanced with filters. Many users found this to be valuable and left Vine for Instagram, where their target audience spent most of their time.




If Snapchat doesn’t want to go the same route as Vine, by going out of business, it must add new features, or at least new filters to keep users coming back for more. Since Facebook is serious about staying competitive, I don’t see it slowing down on adding more features to Facebook or Instagram, as evidenced by the new features they have been adding, most notably Facebook’s Live video feature.

Time will tell if marketers, businesses and influencers flock to Instagram stories in favor of Snapchat. However, I have heard from many friends and acquaintances that they prefer Instagram Stories over Snapchat because Instagram is where most of their fanbase is, it’s easier to use and easier to get followers. A lot of people don’t like moving their fanbase over to a new platform because not only is it difficult, but because a lot of users don’t follow them over to the new platform. So, I can see Instagram using this to their advantage by adding new features to keep users engaged on the platform and not willing to switch over to Snapchat.




Mint: An Exceptional Use of Twitter



Mint is a free personal finance software/app that allows users to set budgets and savings goals, as well as find out how their spending has been allocated over time. It is available on desktops, smartphones and tablets like Amazon’s Kindle Fire.

Since it was launched in 2007, Mint has managed to grow it’s social media following into the hundreds of thousands and it’s user base to over 1.5 million in 2 years through engaging and value driven content, plus an amazing product. Which makes it’s acquisition by Intuit in 2009 for $170 million not all that shocking.




When you look at Mint’s Twitter page, you will find a mix of polls, challenges, success stories, informative graphics and questions directed at their fan base. Unlike many brands that push sales more than anything on social media, Mint seems to truly care about it’s users financial well-being. You can see this in how the company offers “budget hacks,” and tips on saving money. They also keep things fun and upbeat with the occasional humorous tweet that piggybacks off of fun days like National Cat Day and Halloween.

Aside from offering a lot of value, Mint also makes it a priority to interact with it’s followers in it’s own fun and upbeat way, without coming off as spammy or only concerned with making a sale. If anything, Mint has crafted it’s brand persona as a knowledgeable and funny friend that knows how to have a good time, as well be financially responsible.



Mint also offers social proof on it’s Twitter page through the use of success stories. The stories show how app users were able to get out of debt and follow a budget that allowed them more financial freedom. By posting these stories and engaging fans, Mint shows that yes, people are using the product and more importantly, that it works!