Vine Scheduled to Shut Down




Social media enthusiasts have known Vine was in trouble ever since Instagram rolled out it’s video feature. Which is why not too many people were shocked when its parent company, Twitter announced today that it will cease Vine operations within the next few months. Although specific reasons weren’t stated in the announcement, it was only envitable considering how slow Vine was to come out with new features and remain competitive among the rise of Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat video options.

At this time, a question is posed to social media influencers with millions of Vine Loops (video plays): What to do now. Especially, since it is so hard to transfer followers from site to site. If these social media influencers haven’t leveraged their popularity onto other platforms, they can consider their stream of income through Vine dead and gone. More recently, I discussed how YouTube‘s new Terms of Service threatened to halt the income streams of popular bloggers that solely relied on the platform as their source of income and posed the same question.

So, I think this serves as an important lesson for both companies and existing and aspiring social media influencers not to put all your eggs in one basket.


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