Tidal Falls Short with Facebook Fanpage




In the music world, most people have called Jay-Z‘s streaming service, Tidal a failure in comparison to it’s rival, Spotify. Although the company has over 600,000 fans, it falls short when it comes to engagement and interaction. With most posts generating less than 50-100 likes and less than 10 comments/shares, it fails to effectively build an online brand and foster engagement, which is a hallmark of social media.




Tidal falls into the social entertainment zone of social media, as it offers a streaming service that easily allows users to share what they are listening to with their network and create playlists. Often, the company features sponsored playlists and exclusive content and events from top notch artists, such as Beyonce, Rick Ross and owner, Jay-Z. But, unlike its competitor, Spotify, Tidal does not allow users to follow each other or share playlists on outside sites like personal blogs and online, industry magazines.




The brands voice is often cold, aloof and just out of touch, which is not an effective way to build a fanbase or increase engagement between users and with the brand. Although their fan page offers behind the scene footage from member-exclusive events, the page comes off as more of a promotional tool than anything. Which can be off-putting for a lot of people that come to the page to interact with the brand and other users.


Overall, Tidal must figure out a way to effectively engage their following and offer more than just content designed to get potential users to sign up for the service if it wants to improve the quality of it’s Facebook fan page. Otherwise, it useless to have the page other than to just say its there and for show.



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