Facebook Rolls Out Workplace



As Facebook continues its quest for domination in the business and social media world, it rolled out a new platform aimed at businesses and their employees, Workplace. Unlike it’s more well-known counterpart, Workplace is strictly for businesses, non-profits, educational institutions and other professional organizations to use as a highly connected and engaged communication tool.

Features include live video, group chats a newsfeed and other great ways to communicate. Like the regular platform, Workplace’s status updates are based on a algorithm to show the most relevant ones. Unlike Facebook, Workplace is ad-free and not connected to user’s personal accounts. Which helps employees keep their personal and work life separate.

Businesses sign up and pay a monthly fee, based on how many employees they have. For a company with up to 1,000 employees, the cost is $3 per user and declines as the number of employee increases. While non-profits and educational institutions get to use it for free.

So far, Workplace has been well received, with 1,000 businesses currently using the service and the highest number of business users in India, Norway and the United States.




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