Facebook Introduces Snapchat-like “Messenger Day”


Facebook recently rolled out a new feature for Messenger users in Poland that allows them to add filters to messages and also, similar to Snapchat, the messages automatically delete themselves after 24 hours. This features is also similar to the Instagram “Stories” feature that was recently added to the Facebook-owned company.

I think that this is a smart move from Facebook in attempts to stay current and relevant. With many people in my age group and younger leaving Facebook in favor of the visually appealing, Snapchat and Instagram, Facebook has devised a competitive strategy that will hopefully keep users active and engaged a little bit longer.

Although Facebook is seen as a social network popular among older adults, it still needed to stay relevant in order to hold their attention and interest in the platform. The networking effect states, a platform’s existence and success is dependent upon how many users are there, as well as how many of their friends are there.

So, in order for Facebook to remain the most popular social networking platform and not fizzle out like its predecessor, MySpace, it has to find ways to keep up with current trends, interests and technology. Which is why I think this is an excellent move on their part.



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