Vibe Magazine: Example of An Effective Fan Page



Before everybody got all their information and entertainment online, reading Vibe magazine was one of my favorite pastimes. I used to love to check out their urban fashion spreads and catch up on my favorite hip hop and R&B artists. The magazine was founded in 1993 by legendary music producer, Quincy Jones. Since then, the brand has gone on to become one of the most prominent and well-respected urban magazines of its time.


These days, the magazine has exited the print industry and taken it’s presence online, where it uses social media to interact with fans like never before. Instead of writing letters to the magazine and hoping they would get published, fans can now interact with the company in real time, two-way communication.


Unlike competitors, such as XXL and The Source, Vibe engages and interacts with fans by responding to comments on Facebook and tweets on Twitter. As well as posting content that they know readers want to see. The brand also nurtures interactivity and engagement by making use of Facebook’s new Live feature by live streaming with prominent and upcoming artists, such as DJ Drama and Skyzoo.




Taking all of this into account, its no wonder that Vibe has amassed a Facebook following of almost 2 million fans. A lot of this growth has to do with existing fans sharing Vibe’s content with their network and positive word of mouth marketing (WOM). It also doesn’t hurt that the magazine has ties with some of the biggest urban entertainers and a staff of great writers that keep fans coming back for more.


Overall, I’d say that Vibe is doing a great job effectively developing its brand on Facebook. Its fan page has a strong and consistent voice, gives readers what they want and is interactive and highly engaging. And with recent Facebook algorithm changes that make it harder for organic posts to reach fans’ timelines, their metrics and levels of engagement  are all the more impressive.




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