Eso Won Books on Yelp!


Eso Won Books is a afrocentric bookstore located in the culturally rich, Leimert Park district. It primarily carries books written by black authors that speak on issues relevant to the black community and often hosts readings that have been led by prominent black thought leaders, such as Barack Obama, Maya Angelou and Spike Lee.


Upon further review of its Yelp! page, you can see that Eso Won Books is very popular in the black community, with a 4.5 out of 5 star rating. Many of the user generated ratings show nothing but love for the business. With many ratings stating that Eso Won has a excellent selection of black books, movies and magazine, in addition to great customer service.



These positive reviews and recommendations play a huge role in customer acquisition for Eso Won Books, seeing that most people use Yelp! these days to find new businesses to visit. By fans giving the business positive reviews, it influences future customers and those curious about the business to visit and support in the form of buying books and leaving reviews themselves.


In turn, this leads to more business for Eso Won, an increased fan base and more user-generated reviews. When people read about a business with high ratings and positive reviews, it entices them to visit the business and make a purchase. Which is always good for a business’ bottom line.


I do think that Eso Won Books can do a better job in managing it’s Yelp! page though, seeing that it still hasn’t claimed it’s page and is not active on the platform as compared to other businesses like The Last Bookstore, which currently has more than 1,200 user-generated reviews. If Eso Won would be more active on the platform, I think that it would lead to increased sales, as well as customer retention because more people would feel inclined to visit the store based off of the reviews and word of mouth marketing alone.






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