YouTube Angers Content Creators with New TOS Policy



YouTube’s new Terms Of Service that rolled out a couple of days ago was met with anger and the subsequent #YouTubeIsOverParty hashtag on Twitter. The new TOS states that currently monetized accounts can see their videos removed for use of profanity, sexual content, controversial subjects and anything else that isn’t kids friendly.

This has definitely left a lot of popular bloggers upset, whether or not they abide by the new policy. Some videos may have contained profanity and other things that YouTube doesn’t like. But, there have also been videos dealing with suicide prevention and LGBT rights that have been flagged. Which raises the question of whether or not YouTube is leading the way to it’s own demise.

In my opinion, this was not a smart move by YouTube, as evidenced by the backlash. Many content creator have threatened to leave the platform for YouTube competitor, Vimeo, which currently does not censor videos and offers a better interface and features. The absence of top bloggers, will most likely lead to a decrease in the cut YouTube takes from ad revenue, as well as a decline in overall traffic.

I understand that YouTube is trying to make the site more kid and advertiser friendly, but the new TOS puts a damper on content creator’s freedom of speech and creativity. Most people signed up with the platform to express themselves and get paid in the process. So, with that no longer an open option, content creators are forced to either clean up their act or abandon the platform and their, in many cases hundreds of thousands of followers.

It’s difficult to have followers follow you from platform to platform. So, it’s more of a loss for content creators than anybody else involved in the decision. Time will only tell if the decision was in the company’s best interest.




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